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Pesyridis &Associates is a legal firm registered in Thessaloniki, Greece with offices in Thessaloniki and Athens. The main specialization of our office is to provide services in company and commercial law, and our services are about every part of establishment, formation and function of every operation. The firm is made up of a team of experienced and qualified lawyers, who assure the provision of high class legal services, in response to all our clients needs. We are active in a wide variety of areas of law and deal with every case with respect and professionalism.

Experience and scientific specialization

Our work force is the one which makes us different and where our success is based on. The securing of a high quality provision of services is a personal bet for us, as our aim is to create long lasting loyalty relationships. Our lawyers’ work has turned our name into a synonym of quality and dependable legal services. Please contact us in our offices in Thessaloniki and Athens for any question or further information.

Over-indebted Households

Many of our citizens default because of the financial crisis in our country, so they cannot afford their debts both towards banks and towards the public. Katselis’ Law makes the situation easier for the over-indebted households, with judgments which reduce the strain of the difficult situation citizens are in, with consideration for people’s both living needs and payment of their creditors.

Pension system – Labor relations

There are continual changes in the labor, insurance and pension systems, which create many uncertainties both for employees and for businesses. Staying on top of the latest developments requires time, knowledge and experience; elements to which our lawyers are dedicated. With continual, conscientious research, they keep up to date with the latest state-of-the-art, so they can provide our clients with complete and effective advisory and legal support about any issue of this section.

Commercial Law – Companies

The main area of specialization and activity for our office is the company and commercial law, and our services are about every part of the establishment, formation and function of every operation. Briefly:

  • The choice of the company type
  • Advisory support all through the function spectrum of the company/business in question
  • Advice during the signing process of a contract

Also, we get insecure claims – of execution law.

Loans’ settlements

Also, many companies and citizens cannot afford to pay back their loans because of the financial crisis. The need of settlement of these loans (business, housing, consuming loans) is essential and led banks to use a certain methodology, so that they make sure their loans will be paid back, by looking for the best solution for companies, citizens and banks alike.

Tourist business

Tourism is the comparative advantage of our country compared to others and there are plenty of businesses which base their action on this section of the economy. The investments’ development, the requirements of administration of tourist businesses and the creation of employment positions produce a great need for legal and advisory support of these businesses. With specialized knowledge and years of experience, our lawyers can handle every case that may occur.

Real Estates

Our professional occupation with estates’ issues is continuing and daily. Our company possesses the specialization and technical knowledge needed, so that we ensure the complete legal support of our clients during the actualization of investments on estates’ property of the whole country.  Also, we undertake responsibly and effectively the administration of real estate on a regular basis, providing our clients with high class legal and support services.