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Basic Principles



Relationship between lawyer and client.

Relationship between lawyer and client.


Our relationships with our clients are honest, clear, open and straight in all of our actions, operations and services.

Team spirit

We keep our company’s benefits above any personal one. We recognize the important contribution of every one of our partners, but we keep acting as a team.

Mutual respect

We care about our partners and we treat them with respect, fairness and simplicity. We recognize the need for balance between personal and business life.


We deal both with our clients’ problems and with our partners’ ones with responsibility and we try to find the best solution to everything that matters to them.

Continual improvement and progress

We accept changes and are open to challenges and new facts, continuously looking for ways to improve.


High class level of service provision

Our clients are able to be informed at any time regarding the handling of their cases, their cost and expected delivery time. For this reason, we use techniques with certain aims and legal actions.

Cost estimation

We explain to our customers with accuracy anything that is included in our services in the calculation of their cost. If extra elements are required, we discuss with our client the situation before we go on with any further action that may be additionally required.

Better experience in our services

We undertake to keep our clients informed about the cost of our services; based on our principles, we work with clients to identify all elements of a case that may be additionally required and receive approval for every new of different evolution prior to executing the steps of each case. 

Be competitively the best that we can be

We should exceed the expectations of our clients by offering better competitive services. This means that the assistance of our clients is direct with qualified partners at hand to guide them every step of the way.

Customer base

Our customer base includes Greek and foreign companies, like retail trade and wholesale companies, banks, oil companies, heavy industry, health service facilities, construction and raw materials companies, entertainment companies, hotels/touristical accommodations, pharmaceutical companies, clothing and shoes companies, athletic companies, graphic production companies, advertising companies, gifts and decoration companies, service supply companies, software and electronic appliance companies, publishers and document forms, unions and associations.