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Car accidents

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Car accidents

Our company has considerable experience in out-of-court and judicial resolution of road accidents with material damage, bodily injury, or death, as our team has successfully dealt with a large number of such cases.

Our services are summarized as follows:

We analyze the conditions of the accident, by taking pictures and drawings, evidence that prove and verify these conditions, proving the fault as well as the possible involvement of a third vehicle or other external factors.

We record all damage to your vehicle and analyze the cost of repairing it. We also record any bodily injuries caused by the accident after a clinical examination and we analyze the costs required to restore your health. Finally, we predict and record potential future disabilities based on international disability tables, as well as the future impact on the health and life of the victim.

In the event of a traffic accident, you should call us as soon as possible in order to be able to deal with the incident more effectively and claim a fairer compensation.

A. Behavior in the event of road accidents

1. If a road traffic accident occurs, from which damage has occurred to persons or things, any driver or other person using the road who has been involved in any way in the accident is obliged to:

a) Stay immediately at the scene of the accident without creating additional risks to traffic.

b) Takes traffic safety measures at the scene of the accident and notify the nearest Police Authority of the accident.

c) Give his or her identity as well as any useful information relating to his vehicle if the persons involved in the accident so request. In case of material damage, if the injured person is not present, the persons involved in the accident are obliged within 24 hours to give them the above information in the most appropriate manner or to the nearest Police Department, which takes care of the information provided.

2. If a road traffic accident has resulted in death or personal injury, any driver or other person using the road which in any way engages in the accident is additionally obliged to:

a) Give the necessary assistance and support to the victims.

b) Notifies the nearest Police Authority and remains at the scene of the accident until it arrives, unless it is necessary to remove it for the Police to be notified or for the care of the wounded or the same. In this case the driver is also obliged to announce the accident to the Police Authority as soon as possible.

c) Prevent any change in the place of the accident, which could hinder the work of the Police with the exception of its actions aimed at restoring any interrupted traffic.

B. Friendly Settlement

With Instant Damage Payment System for traffic accidents (known as Amicable Settlement) it is possible under certain conditions for the innocent driver to be compensated by his insurance company.

The conditions are:

  • The traffic accident not involving more than two vehicles
  • The vehicles involved in a road accident to be insured with insurance companies participating in the Amicable Settlement system.
  • The traffic accident to be held in Greece
  • if there is 100% fault acceptance of one of the two drivers involved or co-liability to 50% from both drivers involved.
  • Material losses do not exceed the sum of 6,000 euros in the case of personal injury, those (injuries) do not exceed EUR 3,000 per person, but with a maximum of injuries compensation of 9,000 euros per accident, when the wounded are more.