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Commercial Law

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Commercial Law

Commercial company law has a decisive role, in the current, complex socioeconomic reality, because of the multiform and continuously changing law context, which needs abiding attendance and specialization.

The choice of the company type

The choice of the correct company type is the first concern of every potential entrepreneur, who is thinking of establishing a company. A multitude of variable need to be considered in prior to any undertaking in the legal context like for example the partners’ responsibility for company’s debts, tax issues, financial sizes and the level of dependence on bank output.

The function of the company

Our company also undertakes every legal action needed during the function of a business, like, for example, the alteration of the Articles of Incorporation, the access of new partners/share holders, share transfers, manager or special representative changes, the decisions of the General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the partners’ assembly in Companies with Limited Liability, or actions that take place without the earlier decision of these agencies, merger of companies etc. Also, we undertake the duty of the actions needed for the dissolution of a company.

With lawyers who are specialized in commercial law, we assure that cases are handled rapidly and effectively in the following areas:

  • Establishment; dissolution (with or without judgment); changes of personal and companies liable by capital; entrance to the Stock Exchange or not; appearance in General Meetings and composition of minutes; increase/decrease of capital and special issues of them; declaration of a General Meeting as null.
  • Re-registrations; acquisitions; mergers; disassociations; companies’ breakaway; checks of property.
  • Filing of company actions; replacement of the Board of Directors; issues of liquidation of the company; special issues of minority share-holders; out-of-company deals of the share-holders; problems which occur from lower levels of capital in the company.
  • Execution on incorporation and corporation shares; seizure of them; creation of pledge on shares; protection of establishment titles.
  • Companies’ bankruptcy; reclamation proceeding; criminal proceeding concerning these issues; judication of disputations
  • Creation of bond loan; assignments; legal support concerning the right of preference and reregistration.
  • Creation of offshore companies; establishment of foreign companies in Greece; creation of branches or agencies.
  • Legal support and briefing about the new way of establishing a company. – “one stop services”.


Our advisory role

If judicial practice of law aims at the solution of the problems which occur in legal relations, it has as a basic duty the creation of agreements. Agreements should make clear every detail of cooperation, having as an aim the prevention of any probable dysfunctions that may occur in legal relations, avoiding, if possible, the court procedure. For this reason, the signing of an agreement is essential before the beginning of a professional cooperation and in it there will be written all of the terms and conditions of the cooperation. Our company undertakes the supply of legal support in issues that concern commercial agreements in many business fields, providing legal support in any issue that has to do with the daily function of the business and with the planning and actualization of special business operations. The deep training of our Associates and the business orientation of their legal thought assure a high level of provided services.

For instance, our company plays an active and meaningful role for our clients in agreements like:

  • Hotel/tourist business
  • Exploitation of industry and intellectual property rights
  • Printed edition
  • Franchise
  • Logistics
  • Leasing
  • Private Label
  • Commercial apportionment/agency
  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Contractorship
  • Exploitation of music and audiovisual work