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Labor law

Labor law

Work is a particular subject of transaction, with a significant impact on the wider population. Having been, for many years, scientific associates of Dashoffer Publishing House, in the “Labor-Insurance” magazine, we have provided insights into many questions about employee-employer relationships, both in labor and insurance issues.

Our company, following the continuous legislative changes and developments, is able to manage responsibly and effectively every case, such as:
• Agreements and contracts of employment and independent services, forced labor contracts, employment contracts by tender, test, accession, special contracts of work with people with disabilities, contract complaints.
• Information on salary, allowances, benefits, dismissal, parallel employment, equal treatment.
• All kinds of labor law actions, claims for damages, accidents at work.
• Collective and individual lawsuits against NPIDs and legal entities for the enforcement of labor rights.
• Protection of constitutional rights of trade union freedom and action, information on the right to strike, founding / dissolution of trade unions, claiming rights deriving from Collective Labor Agreements.
• Social Security Law, litigation against employer for non-insurance in IKA, representation before the Labor Inspectorate, rights for lump sum cash benefits.
• Special retirement issues, pension calculations and re-adjustments, retirement parallel retirement issues, claiming retirement benefits.

Establishment and solution of employment relationship – Obligations of employer and employees
• Training contracts for all special types
• Termination of employment contracts
• Establish internal working regulations
• Issues of equal treatment
• Privacy, Harassment
• Health and Safety of Workers

Operational Mobility, Restructuring and Structural Changes
• Consulting support to foreign / multinational companies based in Greece on the Greek legal framework regulating labor relations.
• Privatization, Transfers, Mergers, Clearing, Outsourcing.
• Operational restructuring, cessation of activity and collective redundancies.
• Collective travel, transportation and staff availability.
• Voluntary departures and early retirement of staff.

Collective labor relations
• Trade union issues & strikes
• Assisting in collective bargaining
• Assistance in mediation and arbitration procedures

Assistance, information, education and training services
• Preventive information and advocacy initiatives to minimize the risk of corporate exposure in the field of labor law (Audit)
• Support for solving individual and collective work disputes before public authorities (labor inspections, etc.)
• Assisting businesses to develop HR policies, including corporate social policy projects
• Advice to senior executives
• Education and Training of Executives on Labor Law