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Company Profile


We have been an active law firm since 2003. We have become one of the largest and best established law firms in North Greece and we have earned recognition both from our clients and from the entire Greek legal world. Recently, we have expanded with the opening of our new office to Athens, which accommodates customers’ needs in the capital city and in southern Greece. As a modern and resourceful company, we see the difference, thanks to our work force. Everyone’s personal bet is to uphold the highest quality standards in their job. Because of that, we have chosen, hired and trained Associates who possess the highest qualifications and standards, accomplishing long lasting and trusted relationships.

 Our aim is to be high quality, reliable and successful. We deal with every case with consideration for the Constitution, Law and institution, having faith to our standards and ideals.

 We strive to be successful in every case for the good of our clients, because this means that we are successful, too. In this effort, we use our knowledge, experience and the best strategic planning which will allow us to fulfill our aims, thanks to the effective administration of every possible risk and obstacle and the discovery of realistic and viable solutions.

 Our company consists of a team of experienced lawyers. We share the same belief, that the relationship between clients and lawyers is the foundation of our work. We provide people with either complicated or simple services in the local or wider areas but what is common is our insistence to do our best, is what characterizes our method of working.