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Who we are

poioieimasteBeing recognized for years, we have become one of the best established law firms of North Greece, with specialized lawyers who provide people and organizations with services which aim to fulfill the needs of our clients, wherever these may occur. Recently, a second office was opened in Athens to cater for the legal needs of our clients in the capital and in southern Greece.

 Within Pesyridis & Associates, team spirit, cooperation and innovative thought are points which are empowered and encouraged at all levels. As a result, our clients use services which are continuously developing, keeping ahead of developments and are supported at all levels. So, our services are becoming better, in order to fulfill requirements which keep changing all the time.

 With innovative approaches, concerning the function of a modern law office, we deal with our cases, our projects and also we evaluate our results in every phase, so as to calculate the actual price of our services safely for our clients and we assure the best outcome of their case.

 Our relationships with our clients are strong and authentic. For us, every one of them is unique, and we never treat them as just another case. As a result, every time a strong cooperation, trust and loyalty relationship is born. We care for our clients’ needs with total absorption, nurture human relationships, understanding the problems and the anxiety of our client and we aim to obtain the best results accordingly.

 Our professional reality is being rewritten every day, depending on the evolution of society and the economy. The supply of effective legal counsel is impossible without the specialization and the cooperation of the modern lawyer with other scientific domains. For these reasons, our company consists of legal advisors, specialized in all law sections, a notary public and two tax preparers – economists. Also, we possess secretarial support and specialized scientific advisors (advisors for business – investment – real estate), engineers of all specialties, medicine and forensic medical science, who provide us with services, as require. Finally, our company cooperates with two other companies (software/domain), who support the logistic infrastructure of our office.